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What We Can Do

Impossible to Possible

Our group slogan is “Science Fiction? Science Fact!” We will make the impossible possible.

Field of State of the Art Technology

Using our state of the art technology, we will provide customers with our innovative proposal from the beginning of a project.

Self-Developed Product

We will keep releasing new self-developed products created by innovative minds.

Happiness of the Employees

We believe our employees should enjoy life and experience new adventures.

Perfect For Your latest-news

This corporation was established by the Garhi Group, which came across the ocean from Japan with splendid achievements, to extend its ideas.
We will deliver our products from Singapore, often called the “hub of the world”.

Service We Provide

C Antishell, an Anti-Webshell service, is one of our signature products. Antishell will protect your information from Webshell, which is difficult to detect.
Antishell has been supported and used by many of our customers around the world. It is known as the best Anti-Webshell service in the world for both performance and achievements.
Please read about Antishell here: (https://antishell.com)
We will provide you with the best and the most innovative solution according to your needs.
B We have many talented specialists who can plan and develop new products using the Blockchain technology. We also have ample achievements in developing products using Blockchain.
We are now developing a cybersecurity product using Blockchain. This will make a huge impact on society.
We will continue to make an impact in the Blockchain industry.
A In the AI industry, people often say: “someone who holds supremacy will be a new supreme ruler.” We have already started building an AI engine for use in our own projects, and have started developing apps with AI engines for our customers. After completing the development of this AI engine, we will build a platform for developing related products in various fields.
We will provide our innovative advice to accelerate your business in the AI industry using this framework.
B The Garhi Group operates considerable GPU machines in Japan and Taiwan as Blockchain mining factories of Etherium.
We will expand the factories in stages. Having a mining factory of our own helps us to accelerate the development of the Blockchain products. We plan to expand our business strategically.
We also provide consultation for setting up mining factories, as well as insightful advice from our own experience.
W We have developed plenty of huge web systems in the cloud which are capable of heavy access. For example, we have successfully built a high-quality Bot C system to handle over 10 million users and over 1 billion records in the database at the same time. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the Bot C System has also undergone and passed strict industry assessment for its capability.
We have the technology to build mission-critical web systems which are capable of heavy access with high security.
S We will provide you with full support at every stage, from consulting, planning, development, operation, and maintenance, according to your company strategy.
We have experience with a wide range of systems. We have maintained an edge over our competitors in building financial systems. Also, we have ample experience in building logistic systems and government office systems using our special field.

Team Member

Tadashi Miyawaki | CEO |
Masaaki Taguchi | COO |
Arshal Ameen | CTO |
Hikaru Oki | CMO |
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